Table 5 is a group of individuals who strive to have a positive impact on whichever hobby we find ourselves in.

Table 5 members are active in:

  • RC Hobbies – Quadcopters, Racing Drones, Photography Drones, RC Streetcars, RC Trucks, Crawlers, Helicopters, Flying Wings and assorted aircraft
  • Automotive Technology – Aesthetic and Power modifications, Engine tuning, Suspension tuning, Offroad builds, Audio hardware and custom interior fabrication.
  • Lighting hardware – Developing custom LED lighting solutions for automotive use, Offroad use, and custom area lighting
  • Tinkering and Modding – Arduino, 3D printing and rapid prototyping as well as metalworking and fabrication.



We strive to introduce new people to the hobbies that bring us joy, to act as ambassadors in our communities and beacons for other groups of like minded individuals.



Table 5 got its name on the night¬† Jason “Hawkbait” Richards and his wife Kristin Richards were wed. After a beautiful ceremony in the rain people moved indoors to dry off and enjoy their favorite libations. Guests found their table card that told them where the bride and groom expected them to sit but the group of friends now known as table 5 found themselves split into 2 tables across the dance floor.¬† Table number 5 was the table closest to the bride and groom and it seemed sprout extra chairs as the night wore on. by the end of the evening it nearly doubled in size. Thus table 5 was born.


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