Jason “Hawkbait” Richards – “Fly high, Fly Fast, Fly Forever”

I always grew up as a tinkerer, finding ways to do things that other people say is impossible. When I was young I spent many hours hovering over a workbench with an endless list of projects, from scale models of medieval siege weapons and petrol engines to custom PC hardware and electronics. I honed my RC crafts with a number of off-road and street cars with every power plant available from electric brushed motors to nitro and petrol engines. The scale models when I was young prepared me for working on full scale vehicles and my training in low voltage electronics allows me to assist people in a whole host of projects. If you need it done, I’m the guy to call.


I am the Director Of Information Technology with Wonder Media LLC, We are an Animation Studio which means we get to make cartoons for a living. We  use animation as a method of inspiring students to engage in the writing and creative thinking process and we teach students to be their own creators. I spend alot of time on the road traveling from school to school and when I have the opportunity the drones come with me.


I can remember the first time I got interested in Multi Rotor Aircrafts, There was a video on Youtube where a couple of pilots chased each other through the forest with FPV drones and LEDs strapped the the back, It reminded me so much of Star Wars Return of the Jedi watching speeder bikes fly through the trees. It was at that moment that I decided I had to have more.

My first drone was a Hubsan H107, It was a small indoor flyer that was a little too fast to fly inside. I flew it for a few months and eventually decided that I wanted more control and more power.

I upgraded to flying brush-less motored line of sight drones like the QAV250 with Contour action cameras mounted to the top. My first step into FPV was adding a camera a VTX to my LHI210 to fly around on relatively small motors and inefficient big props.Flying on big displays and slow drones was enough to get me hooked and I’ve been enjoying drones ever since.

My drone fleet is currently 16 models strong and shows no signs of slowing. When you put on the goggles and yell “going up!” everything seems to melt away.


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