Enter Betaflight Bootloader (DFU) from CLI:

For Betaflight 3.1 and older, type: DFU in CLI to enter Bootloader

For Betaflight 3.2 and newer, type: BL in CLU to enter Bootloader
*Do note, if the board still isnt registering in your system in DFU, try the ImpulseRC Driver Fixer and if that doesnt work try the Zadig Driver tool.  You may also have to use the bootloader button on the FC or jump 2 pins (see your FC pin out to know which pins) to enter DFU.  Also DFU and Bootloader mean the same thing.

QX7 LiFePo4 Battery

Turnigy nano-tech 2100mAh 2S1P 20C LiFePo4 Transmitter Pack (Futaba T14SG & 4PK)  (NOTE: fits without modification and it is not a 4 pack)

What to Bring for a Fly Day

So you got a drone and some batteries and you want to go fly already. Heres a list of things you should keep in your flight box/bag to make sure you have a great outing.

  1. Drones – Bring as many drones as your willing to cart around. You can only fly one at a time but variety is the spice of life
  2. Batteries – Pack as many as you have charged, again this is what makes flight possible so charge them before you go fly and depending on where your going pack a charger.
  3. Goggles – Your goggles should also have a charged battery or batteries if they are replaceable
  4. Charger – Lipo chargers with 12v input make charging off a car battery possible
  5. Spare Propellers – We recommend keeping 3-4 sets of propellers for each drone your flying.
  6. 8mm Prop wrench – nothing like getting to the field to find that you cant put your props on.
  7. Quad copter tool kit – here is a list of all the tools we carry in our drone bags. https://www.table5group.com/guides/tools-of-the-trade/
  8. Ride Along Goggles – as you progress you might want to show people what your drone sees, a cheap pair of goggles lets others in on the action



More Coming Soon 🙂