Career: Has job in technical support for ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Family Life: Only Child, 3 Dogs: A Rottweiler, a Toy Poodle, and a Maltese Poodle Mix, Loving Parents

Likes: Offroading and smoking Toyotas (Twin Turbo Booooost Power FTW!), RC Car/Truck, improving/upgrading my real truck (GO FORD), learning new computer technologies, and just about anything technical and anything to do with friends.  Also like designing 3D prints because why not, the T5 group has a 3d printer and it’s an awesome feeling to design something on a computer then a bit later hold it in your hand way more perfect then you could have ever hand made.

Primary RC: Traxxas XMAXX 8S, The Xmaxx is a 1/5 scale RC truck that has no problem taking a beating.  The Xmaxx is running a FrSky D4R2 receiver, atomik motor mounts and an AMAZING belt drive kit from ALLDAYRC.  Within 2 weeks of owning the Xmaxx transmitter’s firmware became corrupted and would not turn on, this was cause by the Traxxas Linq Module and maybe my stupidity (TBD but unlikely).  Traxxas is warranting it without question.  My backup is a Traxxas E-Revo Mini VXL (1/16), nicknamed MMR (Mad Mad Revo). Once again it has a motor too big for it (3650 3100kv brushless) running on 3s (capable of 4s,but haven’t tried it yet).  I have a Matek F411-RX FC with a Unify Race HV VTX with Runcam Mini 2 and a Wraith32 80A 32bit ESC.  It has upgraded Metal CVD and drivehafts, RPM control arms, Upgraded Center Differential, a Robinson Racing Gen3 Slipper Clutch, and progressive springs.  It my new baby.  The gears still get mad at me as they are constantly talking and I had to rebuild the front differential as I shredded it, but parts are so easy to find compared to my old RC, the 18MT. RC18MT (picture below) that is all aluminum/titanium/steel – Nothing plastic on it and is run by a Matek f411-RX (went thru a bad luck phase were I fried 2 Matek f405 FC’ and a Unify v2 VTX in a 2 week period) with Unify HV vtx and ION LHCP Antenna, and has a motor probably 3 sizes or more too powerful.  I have a problem not burning up/stripping diffs. I currently have titanium and steel diffs with red Loctite and I still spin them loose. Next up is a micro hex drone with Hyperlite 1106 motors (Birthday Gift), Betaflight Matek f405 fc and pdb, DYS ESCs, and XSR.  I also have a Diatone Whitesheep Pixhawk 1, with Little Bees 20a ESC (yes they haven’t burst into flames yet LOL), tbs 900KV motors, cheap 10in plastic props, battery sensor, XSR, LED flood light, and telemetry.  Everything is controlled by my Taranis Qx7.  I started with a FlySky i6s, and that quickly became a bad idea then the Qx7 came out and a swap quickly took place.

Favorite FC Software: Raceflight is easy to configure, but Betaflight has more features. Raceflight doesnt configure well if at all at this time for RC Cars, Betaflight can be made to do it. Those are my top 2 but I prefer Betaflight.  I own a PixHawk 1, but its ok.