Answer is, Yes.  Anyone is able to get into Drones. All it takes is a bit of money and time set aside to practice.

Before we get into the details on what is needed, how much, where can we get it, etc, drones aren’t for everyone so we suggest you get you start small, invest a little on a reliable transmitter and see if you have the hand eye coordination by downloading the Drone Racing League simulator for your PC or Mac. If you find out that you love flying simulated drones and you want to fly for real you can bring your transmitter with you and if you decide that drones are not for you then your investment was relatively small and there are plenty of drone pilots out there who will gladly purchase your radio from you.

Disclaimer – FPV Drones are not autonomous, they do not fly themselves and you will crash. If you are lucky crashing will mean replacing props, if your unlucky crashing may mean broken carbon fiber parts, motors or electronics. As a general rule, expect to break $5 worth of props every time you crash and $40 worth of parts every time you crash hard. If you are ok with pulling out your wallet when things go wrong, FPV is an amazing hobby.

Check out the links below for a list of parts with descriptions and builds based on common budgets. Starting small costs between $125-350, and flying drones like what you see the Table 5 crew flying costs about $850 including all the FPV materials and batteries. As you fly more you will find that you may want more parts, spare parts, and more drones, after all variety is the spice of life. This isn’t a cheap hobby but it definitely is a fun one.





The table 5 team would be glad to assist you if you find yourself considering getting into the drone scene. Send us an email and we would be glad to answer any questions you have on the hardware, build process and best practices.


**This guide will be updated as new information becomes available**